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RHI tool

The RHI tool has been simplified

with the end user in mind. The tool

now provides an estimate by asking

questions about the house rather

than the heating system. The result

shows the probable domestic

renewable heat incentive (dRHI)

payments that customers might

expect, given a range of house

design and condition options, for a

choice of Daikin Altherma heat

pumps and heat emitters.

Go to daikin.co.uk/rhi >

daikin.co.uk/rhi >

daikin.co.uk/rhi >

daikin.co.uk/rhi >

Hybrid tool

The Hybrid tool is an interactive sales aid,

designed to complement the new end-user

brochure, helping the end user understand the

system and showing the benefits and savings

possible from the Daikin Altherma Hybrid heat

pump compared with existing systems of various

types. It highlights the Hybrid's lower running

costs and potential to reduce carbon emissions.

To see how much you could save, Click here >Click here >Click here >Click here >

To download the new end-user brochure Click Click Click Click

here >here >here >here >

Two easy-to-use online tools developed by Daikin UK make

it easier to explain the benefits of heat pumps to

prospective customers.

Both tools are designed for use by installers and their




  1. Hybrid tool
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  4. Daikin hybrid tool
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