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Altherma Selection Software

Don't forget the Daikin Altherma selection software is now available online

With a brand new, fully responsive graphical user interface, the tool works equally well on

mobiles, tablets, laptops and PCs - facilitating access to projects from anywhere with

internet access.

The tool contains the full Daikin UK and Rotex heating product portfolio, and provides

step-by-step guidance in product selection.

It simulates year-round operation to provide estimates of energy consumption, operating

costs and seasonal efficiency. It includes hybrid mode simulation and also allows

comparison of various solutions in terms of efficiency, emissions and running costs.

Reports are produced in .docx format and the tool has a convenient direct link to Daikin's

Free Access Website for Lots 1 & 2 energy labelling.

The tool is accessed via > > > >

All users must register before using it for the first time.


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